Visioning Ensues at the Park Ridge Wonderful Workshop!

A detailed workshop summary is underway, but we wanted to write a quick note to say…

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Park Ridge Wonderful Visioning Workshop on Tuesday, June 25th and to our awesome hosts at the Park Ridge Library. The event, which took place from 6:00 – 7:30 pm, was the first community workshop as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which will help shape and guide Park Ridge for the next 10-20 years… so now, more than ever, is the time to come together to share.

So many thoughtful ideas and comments were shared, mapped, and prioritized at the workshop.   Insights included economic development desires and opportunities zones; creative approaches to parking and infill; eco-green initiatives and bridging recycling / composting efforts with businesses and restaurants for bigger, better impacts; the need for events that focus on the many teens and tweens of Park Ridge; creative thoughts on bringing the community together through arts, culture, and music (but not so much art deco please); traffic and mobility recommendations including mini roundabouts, turn-lanes, signs and signals; streetscape needs like brighter lights and a continued focus on walkability; pedestrian and shopping activation; and ensuring inclusivity, diversity, and a welcoming homescape for all residents, races and cultures… to name a few!

Next Steps

We are reviewing the plentiful inputs (many more than what the paragraph above celebrates) and will post a detailed workshop eNews summary in the coming days. Please enter your email via the “follow” button to receive these eNews updates right to your inbox.   

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