We asked, nearly 1,000 Park Ridgers answered! View Poll 2 Results and Community Workshop Presentation…

First things first: The Park Ridge Wonderful Team sends a big thank you to those who joined us for our Community Workshop on Tuesday evening! All came ready to review the Draft Recommendations and participate in engaging, thoughtful discussion.

Virtual Voting

A virtual workshop / online poll will be posted on Monday, October 28th allowing everyone who was unable to make the workshop, the chance to share their priorities for Park Ridge. Stay tuned and enter your email via the follow widget on this website to receive a notification when such is posted. You can review the presentation from the workshop via the link below.

Poll 2 Results

In the meantime, we’ve got the full results from Poll #2 ready to share. These were highlighted during Tuesday’s workshop, included nearly 1,000 responses, and are important because they directly informed the preliminary plan recommendations. Have a look, and have a great weekend! Remember you can share your ideas at any time via the Idea Tool on the project website.

Let’s Get Visual

Infographics make the world a better place! Did you know that 60% of folks are visual learners, true story. That’s why data and charts are easier understood via visuals, versus text and bullet points. Check out the Outreach Infographic Posters below that celebrate the extensive community engagement, input, and priorities shared to date through the Park Ridge Wonderful Comprehensive Planning process! All of these were highlighted and provided at the Community Workshop on October 15th and shared with the Plan Commission on October 22nd.