Workshop Recap + Take Poll 3!

Happy Monday, Park Ridgers! We’ve got two news items to start your week:

Workshop Recap: Whether you couldn’t make it to the October 15th workshop or you attended and want to see the synthesized results, click here to read all about the evening activities and feedback received. Thank you again to all the residents, commissioners, and aldermen who came, reviewed, and commented on draft recommendations!

Poll #3 – Identify Top Priorities

Speaking of plan recommendations, the third and final poll is now live — which is basically an online version of the community workshop held on October 15th! We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share input, whether in-person or online.

How Did We Get Here?

Poll 3 includes a list of draft recommendations by topic and asks you to select the top four you feel are most important and most impactful towards improving the future of Park Ridge. The draft recommendations were identified and synthesized via the mass amounts of feedback received from community engagement to date: interviews, two community workshops, farmers market idea booth, two prior polls, and focus groups with 100+ students. Those topics, issues, opportunities, and goals that were raised repeatedly, we have outlined within Poll 3 as draft recommendations.

Next Step: Draft Plan + Actions

The next step as part of the planning process is to refine recommendations based on input received and draft specific actions, projects, and community partners to help implement and achieve such. Have ideas on implementation, projects, and actions? You can add additional insights, as well as recommendations different than those listed, in the open-response comment section provided at the end of each topic area. Take Poll #3 today!