Take Poll #3: Identify which future initiatives you feel are MOST important for Park Ridge.

Hey, Park Ridge! The final community poll is open and ready for the taking. Flood Mitigation, Public Art, Renewable Energy, Housing Types… we want to know — what are YOUR top priorities?

Please carve out 5-minutes to identify which of the 40 draft recommendations you feel are most important. All recommendations are based on input to date and will be paired with a series of more detailed action steps and partners. But first! We want to understand (1) what items are top-of-mind and (2) if you have additional input and ideas on implementation measures. A few of the draft recommendations listed currently include…

Expand neighborhood businesses, cafes, and housing types near the Dee Road Metra Station (and other locations);

Foster events (like Restaurant Week!) that support local businesses and economic development;

Regulate and enable renewable energy systems;

Identify opportunities (and locations!) for public art, sculptures, and murals that celebrate the history of Park Ridge;

Promote green infrastructure solutions that help reduce community-wide flooding, such as permeable pavers, rain gardens, bioswales, and native plantings;

– Park Ridge Comprehensive Plan | Poll #3 Draft Recommendations

Click here or the button below to take Poll #3 today! And don’t forget, sharing is caring — please forward, post, and promote this information and link to fellow Park Ridge residents, neighbors, friends, and colleagues.