Reminder: Commission Meeting Tonight 4/28! Register by 6:30pm to chime in live on Vision Themes, City Beautiful, and Park Ridge Wonderful

Join the Virtual P+Z Commission meeting this evening 4/28 and register by 6:30 pm; link to detailed information and agenda below. In addition to reviewing our City’s “Vision Themes” for the first time, staff will also be hitting on local history and community demographics.

Park Ridge, which was greatly influenced by the City Beautiful movement, is steeped in a depth of culture, artistry, boulevards and vistas. Did you know that Park Ridge’s population more than tripled between 1920 and 1930 and because of such, Maine East opened in 1929? Check out pages 4-15 of the Draft Introduction on the ‘documents‘ page of the project website to read up on this history and how our City came to be known as a wonderful place to live. Please email with questions and comments; early submissions in advance of this evening are welcome and encouraged.