Virtual P+Z Commission Meeting 7/28

Virtual Meeting: Tuesday 7/28 at 7pm – Register Today

The next Planning + Zoning Commission meeting will take place virtually this coming Tuesday, July 28th at 7:00pm. On the agenda, a discussion of the current/historic land use plans for Park Ridge and its special areas such as Uptown, the Dee Road Train Station area, and Higgins Road corridor. The key question is to what extent should the old visions affect the new vision for the in-development Comprehensive Plan? While there is no draft land use chapter to review yet, Tuesday’s discussion will influence what the first draft looks like, and public involvement and comment in the virtual meeting is certainly welcome. 


Participants wishing to provide comments for consideration during the appropriate time on the agenda should use the following link to register:

Webinar participants can either type comments in the chat or questions function, or speak when you are recognized. Spoken comments are limited according to the regular rules for public comment.

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Questions or comments can also be emailed prior to the meeting to:, or by leaving a voicemail at 1-847-318-5465, ext. 5465. All e-mails received will be forwarded directly to all members of the Commission. 

Streaming Audio: Meeting audio will stream live on the City PEG Channel (Channel 17, Comcast; Channel 6, WOW).

Dial-In: You may also dial-in via the number below:

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Thank you for your ongoing participation, patience and flexibility!

Park Ridge, thank you for your ongoing participation, patience and flexibility with scheduling, technology, and virtual meetings in light of current events. To the best of your abilities, please test technology, audio, and video in advance. Register and email staff questions, and stay engaged!


Your Park Ridge Wonderful Team